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Poached Pears with Candy Cap Mushrooms
Serves 4

You can also make this dish with dried fairy clubs. Sometimes I need to add more sugar because the candy caps aren’t always as sweet as I’d like, so before reducing the sauce, give it a taste and adjust the sugar. Remember, the sugar will become more concentrated as the sauce reduces.

2 slightly under-ripe Bosc pears
1 cup apple cider
1/3 cup sweet white wine
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 sprigs thyme
1 cinnamon stick
1/3 cup dried candy cap mushrooms

Peel and halve the pears. Core the pears but leave the stems on. Place the pears in a low pot with a fitted cover.

Combine the cider, wine and sugar in a small pot and heat over a medium heat until the sugar dissolves.

Add the sugar water to the pears and add the spices and candy caps. Cover and poach over a medium heat for 10 minutes until the pears are tender. Remove the pears and set aside. Remove the cinnamon and thyme and discard. Reduce the liquid with the candy caps to a thick syrup.

Serves the pears garnished with the candy cap sauce.