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For a list of Eugenia Bone's upcoming talks on mushrooms and other topics please check the calendar on her website



Fall (and fresh rain!) is upon us, and the new version of Wild About Mushrooms led by David Campbell dba MycoVentures, along with Julie Schreiber and Kevin Sadlier is gearing up for the oncoming local mushroom season. We are planning monthly forays in the WAM tradition as initiated by our dearly departed friend, Charmoon Richardson. We have scheduled events November through March, on the Sonoma coast, and perhaps elsewhere. There will also be an ID class, and a weekend Mushroom Camp, at Pt. Reyes, led by David Campbell, WAM's foray director. The camp and classes are presented by the Point Reyes Field Institute.

Join with WAM Foray Leader David Campbell for a wild mushroom foray and cook-up along the Sonoma coast. We will be hunting seasonally available mushrooms, such as King Boletes, Golden Chanterelles, Oyster Mushrooms, Matsutake, Black Trumpets, Hedgehogs, and more. We will also discuss other notable fungi the group may collect, as well as hunting technique and etiquette. After the hunt, edible mushrooms will be cooked up and the group will share a fine potluck picnic. Group size is limited to 20 participants. Fee information is below.

FORAY SCHEDULE: (Saturdays, 10-3)
November 22
December 13
January 10
February 14
March 7

To register for a Salt Point foray, please send a check made out to "MycoVentures" for $60/person (kids under 13 - $30).

Include a note with your name, phone numbers, e-mail address, and the date for which you are registering. If registering with partners or friends, please state their full names as well. Forays usually fill up, so early registration is advised.

Send registration check & contact information to:
Julie Schreiber
819 Fitch St.
Healdsburg, CA 95448

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, along with directions and a list of items to bring.
If you have questions, you can contact Julie via e-mail at or by phone at 530-867-1865


Weekend Mushroom Camp:
November 28-30 (Thanksgiving weekend), 2014
Friday evening through 4 PM Sunday.
Contact Pt. Reyes National Seashore Association ( for details and registration or call 415-663-1200 ext. 373.

Spend a wild and woodsy weekend foraging for wild mushrooms in the forests of Pt. Reyes. On Saturday and Sunday, instructor David Campbell, along with legendary sidekick Norman Andresen, will guide our merry troop of beginning and intermediate mushroom enthusiasts into the rich and diverse wild mushroom habitats all around us.
We'll cover basic mushroom hunting and collecting methodologies; species identification techniques, detailed discussion of the use of the identification keys, proper handling of wild edibles, including instructional cooking sessions with the mushrooms we find. We'll create an expansive fungi display table with the specimens we collect for ongoing mycological discussion. Saturday evening offers a presentation, "Fungimental Mycophagy", an insightful and colorful examination of the basic do's and don'ts of eating wild mushrooms. The fungi bar is open! Weekend accommodations are included in the rustic cabins at the lovely Clem Miller Environmental Education Center.

Introduction to Mushroom Identification
ID Class at the Red Barn, Bear Valley Visitor Center
Sunday, January 11, 2015 10 AM - 4:30 PM

Learn the basics needed to begin identifying wild mushrooms with David Campbell, WAM's foray director. A collection of fresh wild mushrooms will be on display, and students are encouraged to bring in their recent findings. We will discuss the broad spectrum of roles mushrooms play, their identification features and how they are used in the identification keys, spore prints, mushroom terminology, collecting techniques, edibility/toxicity, etc. After lunch, there will be a wild mushroom foray into the surrounding woods to see what we can find.

MycoVentures / WAM cannot register students for any of the Pt. Reyes Field Institute classes.
The PRFI is sponsored by the Pt. Reyes National Seashore Association.
Contact Pt. Reyes National Seashore Association ( for details and registration or call 415-663-1200 ext. 373.

David Campbell and MycoVentures will also be leading Italian and Croatian truffle, mushroom, and wine foray tours early next fall, and possibly one to Tuscany in early Spring to be more focused on the great wines of the area. Watch for future announcements for details.

Please feel free to contact David Campbell by phone at 415-457-7662 or e-mail at


2015 MushRoaming Tours
Andean Amazon Bolivia: Jan 30 to Feb. 12

Larry Evans and I have a small group signed up for the Amazon tour and can't wait to get out of the winterly North into the vibrant tropical rain forest brimming of the coolest life forms. If you still sign up this week we will wave the late fee. All participants will receive our new Amazon Mushroom Field guide. Check out all the photo galleries on Bolivia 2013 and 2012.

Colombia Tour: April 10 to 23, 2015
We will meet in Bogotá, the Colombian Andes metropolis. As in 2015, we will stay in an eco-lodge in the mountain oak-forests that are rich in familiar chanterelles and exotic tropical mushrooms. Next we will travel to the Paramo, the Andes unique high altitude landscape in 12,000 ft with its 300 year old Espeletia, woolly-leaved Yucca-like plants seemingly designed by Dr. Seuss. After exploring the mountains we will travel down to the roadless Pacific Coast of Choco, where white beaches meet pristine tropical rain forests.

Cordyceps Expedition: May 23 to June 5, 2015
We will explore the alpine meadows that harbor Caterpillar fungus in the gorgeous Kham region of East Tibet / West Sichuan, where the valleys are in full spring bloom. Every Tibetan that can walk is up on the high pastures in camps looking for the precious Yartsa gunbu. They are busy in the afternoons with yartsa dealing. In the mountain forests morels abound under towering glaciated mountains. We will have plenty of opportunity to explore Kham's rich cultural heritage in form of temples and other sacred sites. Lots of hot springs await. A report from the Cordyceps expedition visiting Kham is posted online. Early bird is running out on Nov. 31.

Tyrolean Alps - July 25 to Aug 4
We will meet in Munich, Germany and explore the Tyrolean Alps. Home will be a fully modernized 300 year old farm house we have to ourselves on the foot of Wild Kaiser Mountains. The timing is set to hit the most reliable "Steinpilz" (Boletus edulis, king bolete) fruiting season. We will cook half of our meals - including lots of choice mushrooms, and visit restaurants for other meals to sample the local cuisine. I will share touristic highlights of my old country, like Munich's old town, its mushroom market and Mozart's hometown Salzburg. We will have plenty of time to explore flora and funga of the northern limestone Alps and during a day's trip explore the Hohe Tauern, Austria's highest mountain range. We will have many short mushroom hikes, integrate a view swims and two full day hikes for able hikers. Group size is a maximum of 10 participants including the option of renting rooms in a near-by pension.

I have started a new blog called the >> LINK <<
In three distinct columns, it describes the daily churn of my kitchen, of the Athenian chef Neni Panourgia's kitchen, and the kitchen of the cookbook author and chef (and my dad) Edward Giobbi, who, at 87, is still producing fantastic food.

The Kitchen Ecosystem explains how to cook fresh, preserve, use the preserves, and use the waste stream of foods to make a range of dishes that can be integrated in countless ways. This paradigm reimagines old food ways for the modern cook.


Piedmont, Tuscany and Oregon Truffle Hunts

The Breitenbush Mushroom Gathering

Wild About Mushrooms - calendar

Kennet Square Mushroom Festival

Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival

Mendocino Wine and Mushroom Fest

Morel Mushroom Festival

Oregon Truffle Festival

Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival

Telluride Mushroom Festival

Sonoma County Mycological Association


April 16th, 2014
JOURNEY TO YARSA - Screeing, 55 min
Post-screening discussion with Eugenia Bone.
The Rubin Museum of Art - NYC 10011

SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp
Engenia Bone is presenting The Kitchen Mycologist, a talk and cooking demo

Sunday, January 19th, 2014
SOMA Wild Mushroom Camp
Engenia Bone is presenting The Kitchen Mycologist, a talk and cooking demo

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 - 7 pm
Bedford Audubon Society Lecture:
Mycophilia – Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms
Katonah Village Library